Rain oh rain!! A good time to hibernate under covers with a good set of drama dvds!!!
It has been raining raining and raining non-stop. All programs to bring the kids out in the open are on hold. Leaving the 2 kiddos home to entertain themselves with endless tv shows and self-entertain games they so called "invented".

On the way out to buy something, we saw a fatal accident along East Coast Road. 1 fatal casualty. Most probably due to the poor weather condition, fast traffic and the casualty attempting to cross the road without the aid of the traffic lights which were like only 30metres ahead. Sympathy to the deceased yes! However what bothers me more is a life wasted due to laziness in using the traffic lights. No point pursuing whether it's the casualty or driver's fault, a life is lost. Period.

77th Day.
Listening to : Lan Se Tu Er Qi (Blue Turkey) - Steve Zhou

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