Finally went down to Popular bookstore yesterday. The consequences of not getting your kid's textbooks early is you'll only end up buying half ur booklist books!! and being told by their friendly smiling staff "Sorry Mdm, the rest of the books are out of stock." Kwa! Kwa! Kwa!! Leaving no choice but to place a reservation for the rest of the books, which IF we're lucky they will arrive in 2 weeks time in time for school reopening.

Remember the gifts from JA that I was supposed to collect from her friend in Singapore. Bt Panjang sounded ulu and far to me, so I asked her where her office is. Dang!! Her office is ON Jurong Island (offshore island in Singapore) !!!! So I arranged 2 times to head over her house to collect from her. Yet both times, at the very last minute before I leave my house she will sms me to say "sorry! I'm not home yet". Leaving no choice we agreeded for the stuffs to be mailed to me and I'll bear the postage. Hello!!! In my mind, how much would postage cost?? At most $3 + bubble wrap (if there's a need) drop into the postbox and 1 day later arrive in my letterbox. No leh!! This morning she sms'ed me that she arranged for a local courier guy to send me the stuffs..... price tag $12!!! If she didn't back out twice on the meet ups I doubt my car will even use up $12 worth of petrol!!! I think the least she could have done was to ask me first if I wanted to use local courier services!!! and if I did want to, I would have arrange for Almighty King's office courier guy to collect for me!!! WTF!!!! Now awaiting for her courier man to see exactly how big or heavy the items are. *tap fingers* This is what I supposed EL will classified as Airhead lor!!!

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