Dec 28, 2007

Coming to an end

Can't believe that in 4 days time. School will reopen!! This vacation seem to have whizzed past us! DD will be attending primary 2. DS in kindergarten 2. Darnz!! The books are still not available at the bookstore.... been calling the bookstore I made reservations for the books almost everyday. Everyday they're telling me the same thing "not here yet not here yet". What the hell! So just when will they be arriving? When my DD attend primary 3? So wanna kick my own ass for not getting them earlier now.

Both of them will be in the morning session school, DS's bus will arrive at 645am!!! It's a wonder how she'll ever get out of bed by 6am! She doesn't even get out of bed anytime before 1030am!! Been trying to set the lights off at 9pm routine the past 2 weeks, still her eyes remain open till past 12am. I for see a screaming kid next week at 6am!!! DS shouldn't have a problem during his session in the morning since he's always the first one up in the morning. Besides he'll only have to wake up at 715am.

Almighty King's birthday in 2 days. He's turning 61. *gulpz*
He's going on a trip with that woman. What can I say? Absolutely nothing.

Great weather yesterday. Brought the kids to wild wild wet for a splashin' good time. They've been counting down the days since 3 weeks earlier. They freaked out the night before the trip to www when they pissed me off and I said I was cancelling the trip. They awoke yesterday and asked me in a way almost broke my heart *whispering* they said "mom, are we still going to www?" We went, even though Almighty Queen backed out on us cause over at her place it was raining. Good choice, no sun no rain the entire time we were there but it was kinda chilly!!!
No sun burns to whine about no chamomile lotion to fight for!

While we were having a splashin' good time, our domestic helper had dental surgery... we came back home to see her swollen face and 3 highly decayed tooth in a container. Told kiddos that's the outcome of not taking good care of their pearly whites. The look on their face?
P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S !!!

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