"Mommy!!! Can I wear this?" Without looking up from whatever I was doing, I replied "Ok". Immediately after putting 'this' on, DS paraded out to the living room and Almighty King burst out laughing almost hysterically!!
I walked out to the living room to see what was all that commotion about. Oh gawk! DS was wearing my new pair of surf shorts!!! He looked like he walked out from his humpty dumpty nursery rhyme book!!! After settling down from bouts of laughter, he does look kinda cute and very much like a grown-up boy with those shorts.
Looks like DS has just gotten himself a new pair of shorts (from mommy's wardrobe).
Morale of the story? Always look at the person whom you're answering a question to!

I'm also so happy, within 4 hours after I wrote about Advertlets in my previous entry. I received an email stating that the review was approved with Sdg$25 credited into my Advertlets account. That's pretty cool!! I can't wait till I've earn enough to start receiving my cheque...

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's awesome! I love it when kids do funny things.

my said...

the thought of him in the big pants is very funny :)


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