Dec 2, 2007

Our Car M.I.A

Our trip to Genting was pleasant. Nicer than the previous trip there. With Almighty Queen and helper around this time to help mend both kids. Trip was faster by close to 2 hours to and fro by bus which gave us lots of extra time to play. Most importantly both kids enjoyed themselves and as usual on any trip, they whine when it's time to depart for home. PBS being so afraid of the cold had on with her 5 layers of clothing ..zzzz for a second we thought we had a Saudi Arabian with us!!

Today's a good day for wedding or what? Cousin NC and SK's daughter both got married today. NC's wedding is in NSW so we're attending SK's daughter wedding at Goodwood Park Hotel with Almighty King later tonite. We thought we'll get our car back immediately after the wedding dinner, apparently not!! Kwa Kwa Kwa!!! We'll only be getting back our car tomorrow!!!! Promised the kids MacDonald's breakfast this morning.Early in the morning both of them were jumping up and down my bed screaming "MacDonald's!!!!". I could only manage to utter out "our car's missing in action". Immediately, both quietened down and played on their own, I would have burst out laughing if I wasn't feeling DAT sleepy. They both didn't want to walk to MacDonald's. Next time I dread to bring them out, I'll simply say "The Car is M.I.A". Bwahahhahahaha...

Listening to : Destiny - 이성욱
69th Day.

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