Imagine having to see ur own father marrying off someone else's daughter....what's the feeling? The feeling SUX to the core!!!! Ok fine! Call me over possessive or what-so-ever!!!! Not been able to get back the car was bad enough, having to have attend the dinner was shitty enough, but having to see your very own dad marry off someone else's daughter..... SUCK MAJOR TIME!!!
Upon arrival at the Ballroom, I was stunned to see Almighty King put on the corsage. Having not want to immediately kick a storm, I told DS sarcastically, "look!Gonggong has got a corsage on his coat." Almighty King's reply made my tummy do back flips! "yah, gonggong is the "fake" father today". Look!!!! Even if he only meant that as a favor to SK, it still makes me sick!!! So! She doesn't have a dad to marry her off... well!! in my opinion.... that's ur own fucking problem!!! Get an uncle to marry you off then!!
I can't imagine Almighty King doing this to me!! It's sooo freakin' insensitive! How can he do this to me, as well to his own sister and niece!!!! Not attending NC's wedding and instead playing "stepfather" to that woman's daughter in my presence!!!! I so wanna bitchslap that bitch!!!
The entire 3.5hours affair almost made my blood vessels erupt like a live volcano. I simply can't swallow this down... This is more than I can accept.. to think dad returned home earlier yesterday afternoon asking me to bring up some food packs from his car which were from the "tea-ceremony". They made me puke my bile juice out... what else? The "stepfather" received tea as well during the ceremony??? I'm still having the sick feeling in my tummy now.....
Like what PBS and The Man commented, "So! What can you do about it?" yah right! Nothing!!! Having to voice out my unhappiness would have me look "selfish & ungenerous" in Almighty King's opinion. Ooei!!! But we're not talking about lending moolar and sweets here alright!!! We're talking about that BITCH lending MY DAD leh! He's MINE MINE MINE!! MY DAD MY DAD!!! and for your fucking own information!!!! My dad only has got ONE (1) daughter which is ME! ME! ME! E.L SOH!!!! It's only me with the sir-name SOH!! So fuck off you other species of SIR-NAME!!!!!!!

70th Day.
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