Car's coming back tonite....FINALLY!! I shall bring DD & DS to Jacob Ballas tomorrow. Was actually planning on bringing them for a picnic in the late afternoon when it isn't that scorching hot but we'll have to settle for early lunch there. Attending NC's wedding dinner tomorrow. That was fast!! They just got married in NSW on Sunday and they're throwing their SG dinner so soon. Guess after their wedding here they're be rushing off for their honeymoon.

I so sooo wanna die young!!! Damn the sony memory stick!! Was about to upload pictures onto my notebook and it started flashing some freakin' error message on the LCD. Leaving me having to reformat the entire memory card. Losing all those photos!!! arghz!!!! Can die hor!!! There are photos in there that meant a huge deal to me!!!! There's this 1 picture of DS with Almighty King that I wouldn't mind losing all the others just to retrieve. Thank god the one DD taken with Almighty King has already been uploaded. I only realised the one DS taken with him wasn't uploaded the last time when I was editing the pictures yesterday. *Bummers*

Pinch me!! DD is actually revising her schoolwork by herself, she vowed to finish off 3 chapters. Words can't actually express my astonishment!! That reminds me to quickly get her 2008 books for school SOON! Turned out I missed her school's bookstore opening dates last month caused by my dysfunctional brain. Leaving me no choice but getting them at Popular Bookstore now. I've also yet to arrange transport for DS next year. Hail to the Queen of the so ever famous nation.... P R O C A S T I N A T I O N!

72nd Day.
Listening to : Too Much Too Little Too Late - Johnny Mathis

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