Today's already Tuesday. The car hasn't been returned. Which will leave me taking the joyride bus trip all the way to River Valley later. Supposed to be returned yesterday, I seriously dunno what's taking her so long to simply return the car to us. A case of taking things for granted in my opinion with no qualms of causing inconvenience to others. I need the car!! Promised the kids I'll bring them to Jacob Ballas this vacation for a picnic!!

Been really windy over at my place. Windows slightly ajar causes almost everything in my room to be blown off the shelves. Would be a good time to save on electricity this month w/o switching on the A/C monster during the nights. But the idea of leaving my bedroom door open in view of others to see me sleeping doesn't appeal to me at all. Sure hear alot of slamming of doors the last couple of days enough to make me jerk out of bed with a mini cardiac arrest!

After sending the camera for servicing last week, something weird happened. I'm not able to find the option under "menu" to reduce my picture resolution!! Now all my photos are taken with the highest resolution of 2592 x 1944 zZzzZZz taking lotsa extra space on my memory stick. Used to be under "memory stick -> photo settings" but I simply can't locate it anywhere!

71st Day.
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