Everyday Healy tag me with this meme - 10 Things about

10 things about Napaboaniya.

1. Napaboaniya loves to : Hibernate in bed with a good show and junk food.
2. Napaboaniya hates to : Repeat answers.
3. Napaboaniya loves to : Bite the butts of her 2 kiddos.
4. Napaboaniya hates : Stepping into the bathroom when it's wet.
5. Napaboaniya loves it : When it's rains suddenly at work! (So I can knock off earlier)
6. Napaboaniya hates : Opening the fridge and not finding anything to munch!
7. Napaboaniya loves : Having ice cream on a rainy day.
8. Napaboaniya hates : Seeing her kids being friendly to someone and not getting a response from that person especially if it's an adult! (That's rude!!!)
9. Napaboaniya loves : To daydream the day she strikes the Grand Lottery (hahhahaa,who doesn't!)
10. Napaboaniya hates : Hearing the phone ring in the middle of night (they normally mean - BAD NEWS!)

I think most of the you already did this tag. However, I am still going to pass it to: TeacherJulie, Kan Cheong Spider, The Singapore Housewife

Cling to your imperfections... They're what makes you unique.

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everydayhealy said...

LOL! so fast? Fantastic! Thanks ya...
Frankly, I hate repeated questions or answers too. But I have never thought of biting my girls butts. haha...

GreenBucks said...

Tag done.

Its here:


till the next one. I am going to make my blogroll in a few days time, would it be ok to exchange links with you?

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