Spent half the day with HG of Tri-Angles today. Was surpossed to teach at 4pm but it got cancelled due to rain. So HG and I chatted for the longest period of time. I'm so jeolous of him! He's still so young looking after all these years, nothing on his face shows he's turning 50! He admitted he goes for facial... how vain can he be?? He's my Micky Mouse!! Forever young at heart.................and in looks! Hrrmmpp!!!! Must ask him if he had a go at Botox or not....LOL!

Being the evil friend, knowing the Singapore Flyer meant something to me, HG still constantly reminded me whenever we passed it today. That lucky man had a chance to get his ass up there recently for a photo shoot, while the public has gotta wait till February before they start operation. Hrrmmpp!!! According to him, the view was spectacular. Of course lar! At 40 storeys high, one can visualise the view rite?

Evil him than brought me to his friend's shop and tempt me with Canon D400. Being the pro-photographer that's a toy to him, but not to me!! It's an expensive toy equipment for an amateur photographer like me! I will sleep with my pillows stack up real high tonite and drool over it in my dreams. *DUH*

It felt good seeing him again and enjoying our chats about everything under the moon.
Anyone needs a photographer for wedding shoot, commericial shoot, etc in Singapore?
Check HG's portfolio here & here

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InspiredMumof2 said...

haha, that was quite amusing, that you call him a micky mouse! Can't imagine what I'll look like when 50. Probably go for botox if more mrt lines come aboard.

js said...

i've written a long comment but got swallowed up. nvr mind, again here goes:

with the intro of the new canon eos 450D, there should be a drop in 400D price soon. the new sony alpha a200 is quite attractively priced too.

i also noticed that your CNY shout-out on the side bar is in cantonese. quite unusual for a singaporean haha.

Kong Hee Huat Chai

napaboaniya said...

@ inspiredmomof2, maybe by the time i reach 40 only I myself will need botox :X

@ js, eos 450d will be out by next week or 2nd week of feb. price wise.. definately high since it's relatively new. But good news for 400D price will be lowered.
I pray mr 'cai-shen' sayang me lor, den I can buy *dream earlier tonite*

AO said...

Maybe you SHOULD go up there and "bid farewell" officially! If you get what I mean! *wink*

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