I can't remember the last time I felt this tired. Entire Saturday spent scrubbing the toilet, moving everything out of the kitchen to scrub walls & floors, cleaning 34 panels of glass windows is NO FUN at all!!!! I rather go to work and stay 7 hours submerge under water *wailz*

I've got a feeling, I'll knock out FLAT within seconds the moment my head meets my beloved pillow tonite. When will this spring cleaning ever end? There's still the scrubbing of living and dining room floors! My entire body is yelling out PAIN! Worst still, rub salt to the wound as one would say,just as I'm in need of my trustworthy salonpas medicated plaster. Than........... Kwa! Kwa! Kwa! No more!!!!!!!!!

Here I salute my helper, she's one SUPERWOMAN!! While I'm here bitchin' about my NO FUN day, she's still cleaning @_@

Hats off to A as well, he's soooo super on in cleaning up the whole house. I think the house's almost turning "brand new" @_@ and oouch to his cut finger.

Thanks to The Man in helping out and driving out to get packed dinners for all. Wah! Spring-Cleaning can really work up a huge appetite!!! I had 3 servings!!!

Thanks but no Thank You to my 2 kiddos, I fully understand what it means in Chinese "yue bang yue mang" ZzZzzZz they were both ONLY interested in the spraying water on walls part in the bathrooms. I should have known that when they so eagerly offered their help!

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poor man's nicole richie said...

i prefer cleaning the toilet than doing the laundry. seriously. i enjoy scrubbing the tiles thought it's really tiring. = )

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I can't wait to put a broom in Braden's hands.

the teach said...

Gee, nap, I can't remember working that hard, EVER! Get back to work where you can relax!

Cheerio said...

Oh poor you! You must rest. Don't know what spring cleaning is. But I know that after the Christmas Season is through over here, there are lots of cleaning too. It is so amazing to see that putting up the decors for Christmas you have lots of help but when cleaning comes, I'm all alone.
Get some rest girl!

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