I'm hyper!!! Too hyper that no words can describe! House is pretty spotless, bedroom's in a condition I dun even want to step out of it. I think all the spring-cleaning has somehow cause me to be kinda short-plug!

P called to inform me that lessons at SK-MMI will commerce starting next week after the 2 month break... part of me is more than happy to go back teaching all my small cutie pies. Yet part of me dread the travelling to Sengkang routine. This year they changed the swimming schedule for the older students to the afternoon. So glad I no longer have to start tormenting my butt early in the morning travelling there during peak hour. But of course, afternoon lessons will mean Mr Sunshine will be in full force! That reminds me that I've gotta restock my sunscreen. I told my helper to get my sports bag out, and she mentioned that I was fairer now but I'll soon turn dark again. I've also scheduled most of my private class to start next week. So I'm officially left with 1 more week of R&R!!!

Meeting Almighty Queen for lunch once both kiddos are back from school tomorrow. We're gonna check out Changi Airport Terminal 3 . With over 80 eateries, I'm sure we're be able to find something to please us all. Most importantly I hope they serve vegetarian food at T-3 since Almighty Queen's a herbivore.
Done shopping for the kiddos cny clothes, now we're left with their shoes. Shouldn't be a problem getting that done by this weekend.

Reunion dinner unlike the past years will be eaten on 3 separate days this year. The norm is always having reunion dinner with Almighty Queen a couple of days before eve of cny since she's always travelling during cny. This year Almighty King decided that he'll leave for a trip on new year's eve so we'll have to makan 1 day before the eve. Then on the actual new year's eve we'll head to The Man's parents place. I always look forward to having reunion dinner at 3 places. I'm not going to deny the fact that the spread of great food isn't what I look forward too every year. But I enjoy the fun of everyone seated at the same table laughing and playfully fighting over whose cooked food in the pot has been stolen. *Smilez*
Of course there's also the new member to the family on The Man's side. Our little niece who will be having her first Reunion New Year dinner! Ok fine! She'll won't be able to eat yet but still there's always joy rite?

We took the kids to the Esplanade last year after dinner to catch the fireworks. Not sure if we'll do that again this year. Maybe this year we'll head to Far East Flora to buy flowers. Something new to do for the kids. I'm sure DS will like it, since he likes flowers and plants so much I think my house is almost turning into a mini forest.

Only slightly more than 2 weeks till lunar new year!!! hahahhaa... most times I dread it. But this year or is it me today? I'm hyper to the extend I can't wait for lunar new year to arrive!!! *club.head* But definitely no fun Q'ing up at the bank to change new notes. That part I D-R-E-A-D!!! Serious.

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secret agent mama said...

What a precious flower!

eastcoastlife said...

Finally spring cleaning over ah! More new activity? o.O Cannot sit still. kakaka......

napaboaniya said...

@ ECL : heehee...spring cleaning almost done already, now left with the CNY stuffs to prepare only :-P

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