Jan 14, 2008

Salon Nitemare

It's only 230pm and I'm already feeling tired and sleepy headed. The furniture guys still ain't here to deliver my new chest. Can't believe how spacious my room is feeling now. At least till the chest comes. The thought of unpacking the boxes and arranging everything into the new chest is causing my already sleepy head to feel even heavier. I just want this day to get over soon...

Brought DS to have his hair cut after school today. Outcome? Hideous!! The front of his hair looks as like a coconut!!! Adding salt to the wound, the entire cut ordeal lasted over an hour!! That poor boy was on the verge of dozing off on the chair. My fault, I shouldn't have let that student cut his hair. The last time I brought him to a malay barber, I cried. This time, no more tears but I'll love to kick my own's ass!
DD screamed when we came home and ask to cut her hair too. Probably tomorrow BUT not that same salon again!! DD's hair has grown so long already, but she's not willing to chop it off. I rather she keeps short hair, easy to maintain. All find her in short hair cuter. But with her long hair she looks beautiful. Cute & beautiful which to choose? Up to that girl...
I dun have luck with salons, the previous 2 times I went for a haircut. Bad things happened.. I jinx salons

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Bengbeng said...

my Mrs prefers cutting my son's hair...but i dont let her cut mine hahaha

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