Jan 10, 2008

Weird Me

Julie tagged me to do 7 Weird Things About Me.
The rules are:
- Write 7 weird things about you- Link back to the one who tagged you- Tagged 7 others and inform them that they are tagged.
Weird Me :

  1. Whenever watching any freaky paranormal shows I end up laughing though I'm chicken.
  2. I run a high fever whenever I consume mutton/lamb.
  3. I only eat the breast and wings of a chicken.
  4. I keep stuffs that I dun even use or look at anymore. (junk collector)
  5. I used to enjoy hospital stays, until I started work at one. (I freaked out)
  6. I never felt it was dangerous jumping off the 2nd storey of my house when I was young. (now at my age, I think my legs will turn jelly just standing at the edge)
  7. I always ring the doorbell before entering my hotel room.

Now I am tagging the following : Day In Day Out, Sabinem, Sacastic Mom, Marla, Daily Snippets of Life, Rooms of my Heart & Everyday Healy.

4 Divulge:

js said...

#7 seems to have something to do with the supernaturals.

#6 is kinda crazy actually haha

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! Oh my, that must make you allergic to lamb. Chicken wings is my favorite part of a chicken. No. 6 is very intriguing.

I got your message on my chat box. What meme are you referring to? Just leave the link of the meme on my chat box and I'll do it soon.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Thanks! I've actually done a 7 things meme, but why not another one? lol

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