DS starts school at 8am. We normally leave the house at 750am. Today he woke me up at 8am!!!! Upon returning from sending him to school, I asked our helper why didn't DS wake me up earlier. This was her reply,"I asked him to wake you up, he told me he wants to make you late for once, pay the $2 fine so next time you won't be late again!" *bang wall*

His school implemented the "$2 LATE FINE". If you're late in sending/fetching your child to/from school, please kindly pay $2. I've got nothing against this rule, I understand the teachers will want to have a break or return home on time instead of babysitting our kid. But what was DS thinking?!?!?!? A boy his age to think of such a way to ensure he'll never be late for school and being fetched home on time.

I blame The Man. He's always late in fetching DS home!!! That Man is extremely dysfunctional when it comes to time planning. This dysfunctional side of him really get on our entire household nerves. He's forever the last one out of the house when we're heading out. He's forever doing things the last minute. I've lost count on numerous occasions that I wanted to murder him with my spare hands.

One unforgettable occasion was on our wedding day. Yes!! That man was even late on our wedding, he was supposed to arrive at my place at 9am. At 859am, bridesmaids look down the window to see him and his entire entourage at the car park still taking their own sweet time! Got a clearer picture of his dysfunctional side already? Cause if I were to go on about his dysfunctional side. I'll go dysfunctional myself...

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Susan said...

Yep, sounds like a man in the making. Sounds like a typical start of a Monday for us here at home!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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