Jan 8, 2008

Mind of a 6 year old

I questioned DS's motive yesterday for wanting to "teach us a lesson". His reply shocked me! He said it was better to pay once the $2 than be like his friend who has been paying $2 everyday!!! My first reaction was "Wah!!!!! Everyday!??!?!?!?" Second to that, it occurred to me he's actually feeling the pinch of the price his friend is paying for arriving late. But it also made me wonder, why is he feeling the pinch of multiples of $2 for his friend and not feel the pinch whenever he ask for a toy! *Hrmph*I teased him in saying, why don't I simply pay the Fine upfront every month and not worry about being late. He stared blankly at me and asked "How much is it?" I told him a rough estimate about $80 (late everyday in sending & fetching). He screamed "No!! Give me the $$$$$". Coming from an almost 6 year old boy, should I laugh or....?

Woohoo!! Almighty King bought me a new piece of furniture. Chest of drawers which I'm planning to replace my open shelves with it. Now I can finally get rid of the 2 huge shelves my eyes set upon first thing in the morning and last thing in the nite. After years of facing the shelves, it recently gotten on my nerves. With both kiddos occupying almost my entire shelves with their toys,books and other junks. It's quite an eyesore since it's the open shelves concept!!
Oh I love my Almighty King so muchie!!

Almighty King reminded me, Lunar New Year is approaching.... I'm starting to have the jittery feelings already. Spring cleaning, new year goodies stock up, lining up at the bank, giving out angpows, endless stream of same questions every year from relatives.... zzzZzzZz I wanna go into deep slumber and wake up after it's over.

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Frank said...

he probably just doesnt like to face the fuss

eastcoastlife said...

He's only 6 years old? His thinking is quite matured for his age. o.O
It's good to teach him to understand the value of money from a young age.

Started your spring cleaning already? Thinking of it makes one feel tired. hehe...

Chris said...

i dont want to think of spring cleaning sigh..all that hard work

napaboaniya said...

@ Frank : hahaa..imo, he would rather spend the $ on toys :P

@ ECL : yup 6 yrs old which is why it's kinda shocking to me.

@ ECL & Chris : I sooo wanna go into hibernation mode. Remember the picture of my " messy storeroom"... *smacks forehead*

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