Feb 1, 2008

First Blog Award

I received a pleasant surprise from MaryT whom has sweetly bestowed me with my very first blog award - Wisdom Award.

The Chinese Character - Zhi - Wisdom

I would love to share this award with the following blog owners.
Everyday Healy, Marla & BengBeng

Entire family jumped out from bed in lightning speed!!! While switching the alarm off I saw that it was already time for DD's school bus to arrive. DD wasn't on her way out of the house yet, she was still in bed!!!!!!! Had to ring the driver up to inform him whom was waiting for her to leave without her. Not wanting to make 2 trips sending them both, we hurriedly got DS to bathe and changed. After sending DD to school and with 40 minutes to kill, we ended up having breakfast. Big mistake for me! I'm not a breakfast person at barely 7 plus in the morning, all I could swallow was a cup of coffee from there. The price I paid for that? I spent a good period of time with my beloved toilet bowl throne. *rolls.eyes*

Tonite we'll be having our reunion dinner with Almighty Queen. Having steamboat but vegetarian style. What goes into the pot? Vegetables, flour products & more flour products. I'm not whining but if you've ever tried vegetarian steamboat before, kindly enlighten me with the words use to describe the palate after taste. Heeheee...

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everydayhealy said...

What! Today having steamboat dinner? I thought should be on the 6th? Anyway, hopefully you get to swallow all ya. hehe...

And, thanks for the award, my dear! :)

Trinity said...

congrats for the award!! very suitable on this chinese new year..hahahaha

Marla said...

Thank you very much for the award! I love it! We are wise indeed! ;)

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow congrats, this is a very good award.

I think I can picture myself with my kids during the morning rush hour. Quite funny about the toilet throne LOL. Wish I had so much humor in me :-P

napaboaniya said...

Today with my mom, Tues with my dad, wed @ in-laws. By wed nite, I think I'll freak by the word STEAMBOAT liow..LOL

Thanks :) The award made my day :)

Glad you like it :)

Thanks! That's the outcome of shoving the cellphone under a couple of pillows and not hearing it go off :P

My beloved throne! Oh how would I survive w/o it :P heehee..

the teach said...

Glad you like the award, Ling!

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