When I was in school, they didn't classify Chinese languages into fanciful names like Higher/Enrich/Core/Bridging Chinese. Back then, it was plain chinese! Wheather you ace it or flunk it, everyone is still in the same class learning the same stuffs.
Now! They split up students from the same class to different mandarin classes, based on their knowledge and grades. That's about all I know about it.

I was one of those students in my mandarin class that the teacher would love to kick out of class just so I wouldn't disgrace her class's mandarin grades (maybe). She(my mandarin teacher) had the kick out of calling me names like 'Ba-Ba kid','Banana' and gawk remembers what others.

During the years I suffered with her, it was during those times I loathe chinese lessons. She gave me the choice of sitting in her class or getting out of her class. I chose the later (but of course!)Almost the entire year every school day for an hour each day I'll be at the library or somewhere 'safe'. Yet that very same year I passed my mandarin language. Dun ask me how? I didn't copy. LOL!

I can read simple simplified chinese, I'm good at hanyin pinyin (romanised chinese characters). Now the problem is, I CANNOT and DO NOT know to teach my kids mandarin! Knowing and teaching is different.
My kids have somehow followed my footsteps in this matter, which I'm not the least proud to announce. They speaks mandarin like what my ex-teacher would describe as 'ba-ba kid"! *bang.wall*

Last year when my daughter was in primary one. Almost the entire first 2 terms of school, her chinese teacher will 'lovingly' call me to bitch complain about DD's TERRIBLE mandarin. School term ended for 2007 with her calling me to inform that DD will not be in Higher Chinese class in 2008. Good grieve that's OF COURSE lar!! If she called to tell me DD would be in Higher Chinese I would faint more than be glad.
After, she told me that DD will be in 'xxxxx' class which I didn't understand (she was speaking like a bullet train IN chinese). It didn't bother me.
Up till yesterday, when I met up with DD friend's mom when she asked me "Is ur gal in Enrich/Core/Bridging chinese?" Den I shot her the blank look. What enrich what core what bridging????

What's with these facy manadarin course names? To confuse the shit outta parents like me? Whatever chinese course my gal's taking. I dun expect her to come home with passing flying colors. I'll be more than happy to see the passing grade.
Like mother like daughter?

Doesn't help that when I read chinese characters, I've got the tendency to read it in cantonese, which causes alot of confusion to me.
Worst, for the past couple of months. My notebook decided to go awol against any chinese characters on chinese websites. I can't read nor type out in chinese now. I am already begining to feel light headed with lesser and lesser hair strands..ZzZzz

Son is starting to be interested in the mandarin language and speaking more of it. Which I'm please to say that, that's a sign of relief to me. I very much doubt I'll turn bald pulling my hairs out with son's mandarin ability.

I think I better start scouting around for mandarin enrichment classes for my gal. Best to my knowledge to reduce the strands of hair I pull out every week when she has got 'ting-xie' (chinese spelling).

Anyone kind enough to enlighten me on the differences between, Higher/Enrich/Core/Bridging Chinese language in schools nowdays?

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AO said...

your gal study in your old school right? same teacher?

good luck with the tingxie!

bengbeng said...

to reply yr comment, she took her son along to show her husband she had been faithful all along :(

the teach said...

Elaine/Ling (which shall I call you?)
come get an award I have for you on my blog: Work of the Poet :)

napaboaniya said...

@ AO,
yup, DD is in my old school. But no fears of my ex teacher teaching her class. My ex teacher is no longer there, and most likely in the back alley selling 'salted eggs' liow

@ Bengbeng,
*gulpz* That! I've gotta say, it's a act uncalled for. At that point of time, it's what one will describe as "un-clear mind". Sad.

Thanks for the award! I appreciate it :)

AO said...

haha! you sure your teacher selling salted eggs already?

you jialet lar! talk to you in chinese half way you change to cantonese.
you didn't fail ur chinese....big question mark!

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