Last Friday morning while we(my family) were all still in La La Land. 2 lives were almost lost at my condominium's pool. Luck was shining on the 2 young teenagers with one resident who was at the pool having his morning swim. He saved the 2 young girls. I only knew of the accident yesterday when Almighty King called to inform me after reading from the papers.

What was lucky that it was reported that this Heroic resident normally does his thrice daily swim at 6am. However on Friday, a change in plans got him only to the pool at 8am. Things would have turned tragic if that heroic resident wasn't around.

Having lived here for years, I would say that this pool is way under-use by it's residents. On days that I conduct classes or whenever I bring my 2 kiddos for leisure swim, we practically have the entire pool to ourselves! There's no lifeguard on duty, making it a dangerous facility of the condominium. Besides it's deep end of the pool is at 3 meters depth.

Maybe it's an occupational hazard. I squirm and feel the ache whenever there's news of anyone drowning at the pool. Supervision is a MUST for kids no matter how well they swim. However, it's sad that some parents have got that dumb ass mentality that since their kid are good swimmers. Chances of them drowning equals zero.

As a swim instructor with qualified water life saving skills. Tell me put this straight to any parents out there reading this. "There are still dangers of leg cramps, head knocking onto walls, extreme hard playing, sudden water fear or many other if(s). Do always supervise your child or wards."

If you've got a helper that brings them to the pool, always remind her to keep both her eyes on the kid even when she talks to her friends. I've seen helpers happily chatting with fellow helpers and not even realizing that their ward has left the pool, screaming their lungs out saying that their ward has drowned!!! One of these days, it would not be a false alarm. Till then, it'll be too late....

Learn swimming & arm yourself with Life Saving Skills!!!!

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Lynn said...

I did your tag for me already. Thanks again for that. Anyway, this post about swimming is very timely as summer is near (at least from where I am).

InspiredMumof2 said...

I wonder what causes the girls to drown. Either they had leg cramps or they are too tired. Even I a swimmer, wouldn't dare to venture in deep pools and in the sea waters. Agree that someone must keep an eye over kids who are at the pool.

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