Passing the guardhouse of my apartment while returning from the doctor's place yesterday, I noticed signs and pictures of Mas Selamat pasted on the walls. Given by the police in hope of getting help from the public in capturing that dangerous man. I've even received MMS with the picture of that man from the police informing us to call the police if ever spotted the man.

My helper received the same MMS with a picture of Mas Selamat. Not having watched the news to know anything about him. She asked me "mum! why the police sms me this man picture? Who is he?? So ugly and scary the face! If I see him I'll run already!!!!"

Who could blame this ignorant lady whose mind hardly contain any world issues surrounding the world we're all living in. She might be more interested if you told her which and which Bollywood stars are set to wed in the near future! Duh!

My first reaction was actually being scared too. Scared from what I saw in the news of how the Armed Forces of Singapore and the Interpol were on a country wide search for that man. Maybe Singaporeans have all been far too pampered, we hardly worry about jailbirds fleeing or anything much big to have caused such an up stir.
I'm still puzzled how that man escaped from what is to be said as high security prison. Big question mark?
Whatever it is, I hope he gets caught soon.

It's back to the normal household, coughing sounds are still audible. But it seems that both the kids are on the road to recovery since they are now able to run and play. It'll be back to school for both of them tomorrow while I'll still be home. My coughing getting better, but as if I've not been sick enough, I'm suffering from an attack of nausea feeling. Still it beats trying to cough my lungs out every 3 minutes.

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ellen said...

hello napaboaniya...simply visiting your blog...TC...have a nice day my friend!

eastcoastlife said...

Woman, how are you today? feeling better?

It's very disappointing and scary to think that such a thing could happen in Singapore. Actually our police and military are too comfy... need to have their butts kick once in a while.

napaboaniya said...

@ Ellen,
Thanks for dropping by :)

The past few days I was left with 1/4 life. Today not so bad, got 3/4 life back already :) Just feeling nausea probably from all the medicines.

My daughter and son were at the playground, a kid came forward and ask them both "you know Mas Selamat?" Even kids also helping scout that man!!

Leonard said...

Still waiting for the reason on how he escaped!!

now awaiting the truth, the government and police better cook up a reasonable story that I can accept!

this is a disgrace!

napaboaniya said...


I can imagine the officers in charge of that man "peeing in their pants" awaiting their punishment..

Another thing I'm curious, if that man is so highly 'dangerous' how come he's not in Changi Prison? Question marks question marks!!!

kiky f said...

he looked like an Indonesian to me, more over his name MAs Slamet, "mas" means older brother in javaneese and "slamet" is a common javanese names.

I hope he caught soon, how's your babies?

napaboaniya said...


He was brought up in Indonesia from what I read on him. He's still at large!! *Yikes*

Remember to let me know when you're coming to SG okiez :)
Kids are back in school today after their long medical leave. Finally!! Quietness around the house!

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