Mar 3, 2008

Colorful Monday

No Monday blues today. But instead we're having a colorful Monday! Colorful array of medicines to be exact actually. 3rd trip to the doctor this morning in 6 days. I'm speechless already. We have all spent more time on our bed watching cartoons than any other times. Both kids were given another 2 days off from school. As for me, needless to say I'm also on medical leave till further notice. *Bummer*
All the coughing has caused my ribs to be sore and achy. Thank god for my notebook, I can't even imagine myself sitting upright at the table using the desktop now.

When will we all feel better again?!?!?!?! This whole ordeal is causing the entire household to be soooo restless. Did I mention? Medical fees has also made me a couple of hundreds poorer.. *WAILZ*

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jam said...

Hope that you and your family members will get well soon. BTW, my Monday is a beautiful one!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope everyone will get well soon.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

oh, i hope everyone gets well soon!
can't believe those are meds, it's colorful

Marla said...

Wow. You must all be really really sick. Those medications do look colorful.

I hope you are all feeling better real soon!

Trinity said...

Ah.. are you feeling better now? Here my sons are better.. take vitamins: Imboost Force.. it's really good!

Pato & Pearl said...

Get well soon. I'm joining the group. Been having this annoying cough and non stop flu. I've been chased out of the office today (in all my working life never I've been sent home if I'm sick) and my cough is just aggrivating...and I can't be spreading the germs...

Pearl@Home -
PS : i've linked you in our blog ;)

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