Mar 25, 2008

Me Weird?

Why is it that when I was asked if I could sleep the night before my wedding? I replied, "I slept like a baby and my dad had to wake me up to ask "do you still want to get married? Your make-up artist is here." I received the O.o (big eye small eye) look? She later commented that I was weird. Huh?!?! Me weird? Ok! I'm weird in other senses, but calling me weird cause I slept the night before my wedding? Something I'm amused with *roll.eyes*

Plus may I add that she went on to making phone calls on her cell phones excitedly exclaimed "There's someone who slept the night before her wedding!!!!"
I stood next to her, on the verge of slamming her head against the concrete wall....

While the bride to be was going on and on about her having sleepless nights before her wedding and looking like a panda on her wedding. I shot her back the O.o look, too excited?
I was excited too before the big day. But heck with excitement and all, I slept the night away looking contented just like a baby with 1 pacifier in the mouth and holding 2 in my hands...

My APAD #13 & WW(Tue Edition)

I've been complaining about the rainy weather the past weeks. BUT BUT BUT... please please oh please rain NOW till AT LEAST Wednesday evening!!!!
Thoughts of heading to teach without V and the whole lot of 40+ students doesn't appeal me at all.
Napaboaniya APAD

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Marla said...

Cool. I slept like a baby the night before my wedding too. I have slept the night before M's surgeries or even my own. Nothing keeps me from sleeping. KNock on wood. I guess we are both weird then!

Napaboaniya said...

*high 5* good to know I'm not weird!!! even if I'm weird it's cool to know I've got friends like me..LOL!

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