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Who's a perfect mom? What's a perfect mom? Anyone can give me a definition of one?
In my opinion there's no perfect mom/dad.
Mother's day is on it's way. A day for celebration for moms.
While most of us give thanks to our mothers for all that they've given or done for us. I think it should be a day that moms thank their kids as well.

I not a perfect mom. I'm a far cry from it, After 8 years of motherhood I'm still learning the traits of being a mother.
There's always something to learn everyday, and the teacher of it all?
My Kids. Janelle(daughter-8) & Javier (son-6)

They taught me that no matter how I punish them, they still love me!!
They taught me that a simply acknowledgment from me makes them wanna do better.
They taught me the art of balancing - My love for them equally.
They taught me it hurts my heart more than the pain inflicted on them when I lay hands during punishment.
They taught me endurance. Endurance to anything that will make them happy.
They taught me that even though they are both siblings, they are different. I shouldn't compare them.
They taught me punctuality. Fetch/send timings must be always on the dot.
They constantly remind me that the world is changing everyday and so are they.
They taught me that parenting is NEVER an easy job.
They taught me mother's love.

On the light side,
They taught me that no matter how smelly/dirty their diapers were. I had to deal with it.
They taught me how to switch between the DVD and TV wires.
They remind me that I've returned most of what I was taught during school days with their homework I can't even figure out!
They taught me the value of silence whenever they attempt to break my eardrums with screams fights and the quietness that follow when they're asleep.
They taught me that I can "command" without speaking by giving them the "stare" that means "Stop it now, before I give you something to cry about later".
They taught me that parenting is a FOREVER occupation with no sick-leave, no hefty sums of salary/bonus payout and it's a 24/7 365 days a year.

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sunshinefolife said...

beautiful thoughts of parenting. thanks for sharing.

btw, the award you have orginated (i jst saw it now in your sidebar) has reached me and it is one of my favorite awards.

you have a beautiful blog here.

Napaboaniya said...

Thanks for your kind comments.
I'm happy the Peace award as made the way to you :)
Congrats on your gal's medal awards too!!

Trinity said...

aaah.. so true.. great reflection Elaine!

the teach said...

What a lovely expression of what it is to be a parent! :D

kiky f said...

so sweet....:)
May I safe this (for personal purpose only)?
PS : trip to SG probabaly postponed ...

Marla said...


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