Mar 14, 2008

Napaboaniya APAD

I'm having this silly grin on my face. Reason - It's bright and sunny with no signs of rain YET. I hope the weather remains like that, will be bringing the kids out to my Almighty Queen's place for late lunch and a swim.

I've started a new project called APAD(a picture a day) on my WordPress blog. Between having to recreate a brand new blog and using that I chose the later.

Between the 2 free blogging platforms. In my opinion, blogger is somehow easier to use. Template tweaks are way easier as compared to wordpress. Plus wordpress requires us to pay for css template upgrade.

I'll still be blogging here as per normal. Napaboaniya APAD will consist of my APAD, Skywatch Friday, Wordless Wednesday, Weekend Snapshot. Drop by if you're free!! :-)

Napaboaniya APAD
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eastcoastlife said...

Yah, no rain today wor! So happy, I went jalan jalan cari makan!

You also having holiday break? No need to teach swimming?

Can wait to see what pigtures you gonna put up. hehe...

Napaboaniya said...


Cari anything new to makan?

The kids managed to swim today :P
No holiday.. but lots of class cancellation :(
I must start considering teaching "dry swim" soon... teach them to "zha hu"! LOL

eastcoastlife said...

Go China Square eat beef noodles and buy local snacks and Don pies!

I also want kakis for dry swimming! hehe....

ellen said...

hello napaboaniya!lookin forward to view ur new proj. have a nice weekend sis
hope ur okay!TC

Napaboaniya said...


Wah! I want pies too! I've been eating for revenge over my 2 weeks of tasteless food :P
One more kaki to the dry swim club!! :-)


Looking forward to your visit at APAD :P I've recovered .. wooohoo!!

thekopisoh said...

how can you be so free?? =p

Anonymous said...

@ thekopisoh,

If I can be busy like you traveling so OFTEN! I also want to be busy wor!! :P

I keeping myself "beary" free to free my mind over something.

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