Mar 13, 2008

Weather Woes (part 2)

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This picture was taken 30 minutes ago. Now!! It's raining cats and dogs like the picture below in my Wordless Wednesday entry yesterday. Both kids are almost in tears with hopes of heading to the beach today - DASHED!

Can you hear my heart shattering to pieces?


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Maybe due to the rainy weather, I'm missing R a whole lot more than usual...

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Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh, how sad for you to miss the beach today! It's a neat picture tho...

Pato & Pearl said...

hehe, my living room is now my current "0ffice" since kena ban this week from going to work...with the rain, its ssssoooo dark..
By the way, the Kenko fishes cost $28. Apparently theres one in Sentosa but don't know where exactly it is.....

kiky f said...

oke...thunder just stroke...!*sigh*
jakarta will drown again...*sigh*

napaboaniya said...


I think I should simply forget about going to the beach for the rest of the kids vacation. Rainy practically everyday. Sighz.....


Drown yourself with lots of vitamin C, it'll speed up your recovery of your "run away" nose :P
I read some another blog, that Qian Hu fish farm has got the fish foot thingy. $10 per 30 minutes.
Maybe we shall have a meet up for fish spa!! LOL!


Thunderstorm till now over here too :(

Scientific studies shows maybe in 20 years, Singapore will vanish from earth. Drown by sea levels... *freaks.out*

Anonymous said...

Oh no. I bet you are having to be quite creative to find something fun to do while on vacation. Hugs.

Napaboaniya said...


Managed to bring the kids to the mall, but they got bored pretty quickly. Got them new dvds to entertain them :P

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