Mar 10, 2008

Weather and Egg Woes

It's almost mid March and surprisingly the rainy season is still lurking around. It's raining cats and dogs now...

The girl is currently at a birthday party. With the boy at home I was planning to bake something together with him. But to my horror I cracked frozen eggs into the bowl! No, they weren't kept in the freezer!! In fact almost everything in the fridge compartment has turned icy or frozen. Including our fresh milk,margarine,vegetables etc. Instead of baking, I think we'll have to head to the super mart to replenish our groceries for dinner tonight.
Now I'm feeling just frozen. ZzzZzzz.... frozen eggs anyone?

So I was partially wrong! Apparently I wouldn't be rubbing shoulders with my neighbors from hell!! That pleases me to know that they've actually rented out their entire unit to a Russian family. Weeee!!! It'll just be a couple more days of hearing door slams every couple of minutes deafening my ears and making me jump in fright. Unless the Russian family has got the habit of slamming doors as well.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of being so close to neighbors. We have a neighbor that plays the most awful music very loud and we can feel and hear it muffled through our kitchen. It makes my skin crawl whenever I hear it...which is too often. The joys of it all! Glad to hear you may be getting a break from the door slamming.

Frozen eggs look really nasty.

tigerfish said...

Hmmm....something does not work in your fridge? The thermostat or something?

napaboaniya said...


Nasty alrite! I had to wait a while before I could crack them open. LOL!


Didn't touch the thermostat or adjusted anything. Everything seems to be frozen in the fridge compartment. Awaiting for repairman..sighz

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