I can finally fully understand the Cantonese saying of '看你后面,赠你前面' (See your back, hate your front) !! I've got neighbors from hell that I've yet to face but the sounds of them are driving me bonkers already! A couple of weeks before the lunar new year, there were renovation works going on. The renovations caused everyone including the dog to almost go deaf with all the drilling and whatever. There's also the endless dusts floating around.

Renovations came to a standstill all the way during the 15 days of new year. A week ago, the drilling came back. Fine!! Of course there's bound to be drilling works during home renovations. But I thought it's under the law to clear whatever rubbish you've created after renovations EVERYDAY? How come the entire lobby area has got almost an inch of dust?

But the thing that irritated everyone at home, is the way the new neighbors SLAM and yes SLAM their wooden door. Which by the way, are not the size of normal bed room doors, it's twice the size which are heavy. Imagine those doors getting slam every 5 minutes, doesn't help that I'm sitting just CENTIMETERS away in my dining area. I jump up in fright every damn time that door slams! My dog growls and walk into the bedroom. For once I wished my dog was trained to be on the "Bite" command!!

I don't the least understand the need of walking in and out every 5 minutes and having to slam the damn door! Are those people deaf or the slamming of doors sound like rock and roll to them?!?!!

There's only 3 families on this level, 2 houses side by side (which is the neighbors from hell and my family) and the other family is right at the other corner (lucky them!!!). Before these neighbors from hell arrived, it was a family only consisting of a childless couple with the mom beside us. They? They were angels sent from heaven!

I miss my old neighbors!!!!!! *wailz* I miss the old lady!!! The quietness I took for granted while they were here. The friendly faces that greeted us whenever we meet at our doors.

Now its bye bye to friendly neighbors hello to neighbors from hell *bangs.wall* The Man commented that I've gotta count my lucky stars that at least the new neighbors weren't Indians! Yah right!! Like I'm suppose to pop champagne or something to celebrate! In the recent years, the entire condominium is filled with the Indian community!! What used to be a common sight of domestic helpers with their wards at the playpen has been transformed into Mini Little India during the evenings. Thanks to the newly located Indian International Global School near our premises. All the Indian expats are moving into this area.

I'm not racist against the Indians, but having a mini community of Indian wives with their kids yakking at their top of their voices is not my ideal home of peace and quietness. The other family living on the same floor are Indian expats as well. They are fine, and I love their daughter to bits! I've seen her since she was still in the tummy of her mother and watched her grow into this adorable beautiful 4 year old. She walks into my house just like her own house and never fails to make us laugh pulling open drawers to get snacks. Her mom unlike the rest of the Indian community members dun yak her lungs out downstairs at the playpen.

Mary bestowed on me the "You Light Up My Life" award yesterday.
Mary designed it and that looks like her in the picture... cool huh!

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Pato & Pearl said...

Napa - we share your sentiments. We have one above who's non-stop hammering stuff or sawing stuff or drilling walls!!!. As if it's like a carpenter factory above.
Since we live on the 3rd floor, we took the stairs everyday but the staircase on the 2nd floor is a mini rubbish dump and a toilet!!! Someone must have a fetish peeing on stairs...And the neighbours on the 2nd floor..oh my where do we begin.......yada yada yada....

hope yur weekend is peaceful..


napaboaniya said...

@ Pato & Pearl,
Aiyoh! I know what you mean! These people from hell seem to be hammering the house down!!! I dun understand how come they've got so much things to hammer but the hammering is causing me a migraine!! I want to die young can!!!

Huey said...

Aiks aiks. Well at least renovation is going to end one day. You know what I have as my neighbour? A stupid dog who NEVER FAIL to bark at 4-5 AM, almost everyday. And the best part is, the owner doesn't give a damn care even if me the neighbour yelling 'SHUT UP!' from my room. :/

napaboaniya said...

@ huey,
Knock knock on the door of ur neighbor, "excuse me, do you have any idea that I seriously do not fancy a dog barking alarm at 4-5am EVERYDAY?"
But then again, which is worst? barking or a whining dog? creepy leh!! :P

Marla said...

We have neighbor problems too! Ours slam the front door and all kinds of people come knocking on their door...loudly all hours of the night. We have to call the cops on them about twice per month. I could go on and on and on.

napaboaniya said...

The slamming of doors is such a pain!! What's with these people?!?! Do they feel 'tougher or more macho' slamming doors??!
My nightmare begins....

Jen said...

That totally sucks!! I HATE bad neighbors!!!!! Thanks again for the award. I've posted it proudly and passed it along! Thanks! :)

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