Spend 3:45mins to watch this video. At the end of it, are you able to answer the question?
I can't. I'm finding the answer as well.....

I'm amazed with the power of his voice.
Source with thanks to Hesbes

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maiylah's snippets said...

such a powerful voice and an equally powerful message as well! awesome ...

oh, got a tag for you here ...
hope its ok. :)
happy weekend!

the teach said...

Elaine, yes a very powerful voice and a powerful question. I don't have the answer either...:(

Picturing of Life said...


I have tagging you for very simple pink heart tag

Hope you don’t mind doing that :D But if you don’t it’s OK....^_^;;

SabineM said...

I don't have an answer either. Baffles me all of the time!
I like this video, but I kept wondering. DID he write this song?
Powerful song indeed, but does this adorable little boy really understand it all? He is obviously of good means and of this country (USA) where poverty, war, etc.. doesn't even come close to what some parts of the world have to endure.
I would have preferred another child singing this powerful word

Marla said...

Amazing. I can't believe his voice either. So much passion for such a little guy.

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