Apr 1, 2008

Reminiscing Mode

Any of you remember 陈百强 Danny Chan? One of the pioneers in HongKong Cantonese singers industry. He died more than a decade ago after being in coma for a year plus. He was well liked for his love ballads back then. Just to reminisce, here's one of my favorite from him - 深爱着你

你说过爱在这一生里 有过快乐与心碎
你说过爱在我的身边 悄悄看我熟睡
听说你在这刻想我 听说你在记起我
我也记着每刻往事 也记挂你在哪儿
时日如飞 今天在我心里
是充满不褪的记忆 时日如飞
我似呆在这地 任一天天过去
任一生飘过去 任一切飘去再没法追
心中想你 如今想你
怀念昨天的你 怀念着你
红着泪眼在记起 心中想你
如今想你 怀念昨天的一切
怀念着你 流着泪自觉得深爱着你
.............. I miss R

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Leonard was suggesting I should be reminiscing
哥哥 Leslie Cheung today instead.
Maybe I should, I was a huge fan of Leslie too and today is his 5th death anniversary.
I did a tribute post on Leslie Cheung on my music-videos blog before here.


Napaboaniya APAD

2 Divulge:

Leonard said...

never really take note of Danny Chan, isn't today suppose to remember Leslie Cheung instead?

Napaboaniya said...


Ya, today suppose to reminisce "kor-kor" actually. But this song been stuck in my head the past few days.

ok ok, I should reminisce "kor-kor" here...
风继续吹 :P

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