Mar 31, 2008

I'm on Work Strike...

........ from a particular school I'm working with. I told The Man about it and he went "huh"? What huh?!?!?! Tell me! Will you continue going to work if your pay has been delayed for 6 months and still counting? Sorry, but enough. Pay up and we'll return to teach, it irritates me further that from my understanding, this school charges a "high" price for their school fees. Together with my colleagues there are 4 of us teaching in this particular school which has a couple of branches around Singapore. I'm talking about not 1 to 1 classes but classes with at least 10 students in it per hour each session. Multiply by the calculator or I'll lend you my toes.

Despite numerous billings invoices and reminders. I was telling V, he should add that each reminder letter is charged at $100 bucks! What's worst is, there's this one instructor that only teaches this school and has got no private lessons. Thus, V has been paying him through his own pocket. I was fuming when there was a television crew at the pool last week filming the teaching. Promoting awareness to the public that their school provide swim lessons.. ZzzZzz
Let's see, with us on strike. The school's teachers are welcome to get into water and teach themselves! Call us mean, but they've got a reputation of delaying payments in the swim industry currently.

Owner/Admin of school is a "gek-leng". This is fine example of what's called "Gek-leng-Xiao".

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eastcoastlife said...

Wah! scandal!!
*kapo-ness comes out*

*asks in the most innocent voice*
Which school huh?

eastcoastlife said...

Why did you let the school owe you 6 mths' pay? 2 mths should not tahan liao mah.

tigerfish said...

I thought only in the US I hear school teachers go on strike!! Hee hee...I is Singapore. I thought people there don't go on strike! Hahahahhaha!

Napaboaniya said...

school in private sector. top notch case of "gek-leng siao" ZzZz

most SGs won't do that. for my case it's a case of my 'patience' running and registered under "private limited".

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope you are able to get your back pay and things are worked out soon.

Dominic N said...

good luck on this. i hope you get the right salary at the right time.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh that is unfortunate... Sorry to hear it! No one deserves to work without pay- no matter where they live or where they work!!

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