Weekend SnapShot

Janelle & Javier goofing around the pool.
Other WSS and WW(Sunday) here.
Awards Galore

The Gratitude with Attitude award was created by Greatfullivin of Gratitude Journal.
It has been passed down to me by MaryT of Work of the Poet.
Mary's a real nice lady I've known from blogging. Her posts are always informative and I get to power up my mostly dysfunctional brain with it. If you've not visited her before, visit her now and power up your knowledge :)

It's by far one of the most captivating and inspiring awards I've received so far.
Gratitude with Attitude it's name speaks of itself. Here's sharing the words of the creator, Greatfullivin.
"I am so Thankful for all of you who visit regularly, even when I am irregular. :::laughing now::: I appreciate you all so much! I love hearing about your Gratitude and I love that some of you have carried a Grateful theme to your own blogs! I love that you understand being Thankful is not about a passive attitude. It’s about learning. It’s about seeing things different, having new eyes! Gratitude is about keeping that happy positive outlook on life…even when things don’t go the way we want them to. It is not about giving in, lying down or accepting everybody else’s rules it’s about making your own rules! Doing what you do with a happy grateful attitude keeping the “sour” to yourself. Gratitude IS Attitude!"

These 5 wonderful awards were also bestowed on me by kind blogger buddy Healy.
I'm so glad that I received the Peace Award!! Why? Cause I created it..LOL and it feels good to have it awarded back at me :)

Peace award was created on Valentine's Day 2008. Meant for love, friendship and peace around everyone. World peace, home peace, office political peace and actually most importantly self-found peace with one's own life.

♥ Thanks Mary & Healy

There's a mp3 player on my blog at the top right hand corner.
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.
Great song and lyrics.

Video here & here(original).

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SandyCarlson said...

Great shot. Our spring is slow in coming, so the thought of swimming seems so far away! Your photo reminds me of how much we love wacky noodles! God bless your day.

eastcoastlife said...

It's so HOT today! Wish I had gone to the pool instead of to the golf course.

Congrats on the awards!

Napaboaniya said...


The weather can kill today I agree!!
Tee off in the early morning. At least the sun's not that bad :P

Princess of CJ said...

it's now getting cool in our place.

but on a hot day? o plunge in the pool is surely refreshing.

happy ws!

Permanence in Change
The Life of a Tatapilla
I Am a Shoe-aholic

snippets said...

looks fun ... and refreshing! :)
congratulations on the awards!

Wirelessbliss said...

cool! i can swim only with those tubes :P

check out my weekend shot here :)

Carver said...

I love the pool shot. It's not warm enough yet here for that but something to look forward too. Congratulations on the well deserved awards.

kiky f said...

I like to hit the pool as well :))

Shoshana said...

They look like they're having so much fun! My kids love the water too.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

nice to take a swim, it's super hot over here. kids are enjoying, wish me and my kids can join them =)

my WS

Natalie said...

Goofing around in the pool looks like a lot of fun!

Larawannabe said...

they sure do have a lot of fun in the water. lol. it rained over the weekend here in KL.

tigerfish said...

Congrats on the awards!

I always love to jump into the pool when it gets hot! But then, the water can be warm sometimes :P

stev & emz said...

seems like u had a fun weekend Elaine

Emmyrose said...

There's nothing like a dip in the pool on hot days like these :)

Lynn said...

Congratulations for all those awards. :) And yes, swimming is a great way to beat the summer heat!

Snap Catch said...

nice shot!!!! I'm missing summer already.... hope to see you around!

DeLi said...

its summer now! tis a lovely and envious (inducing!) moment. i wanna dipp too!

Sweeta said...

Look like they were having fun in the pool!

Greatfullivin said...

I am so thrilled to see the award being payed forward! Thank you for the kind words and the link back! Enjoy your day!

Heart of Rachel said...

The pool is a great escape from this hot weather.

Glad the kids had a wonderful time swimming.

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