Jun 8, 2008

Weekend SnapShot #26

Weekend SnapShot

Today is Dumpling Festival @ DragonBoat Festival.
*Click on links to learn more about the history of these Chinese Festivals*

Most families eat rice dumplings in the shape of triangular, with fillings inside. With choice of meat or vegetarian.

The older generation still makes their own dumplings. However I make terrible ones with the rice fillings spilling out all over the place! My MIL barred me from helping her with them. Which in this case, is fine with me :P
My job is only to EAT them!!!
My MIL makes great bak-zhangs (dumplings) with fatty meat and lots of chestnuts. Whenever we go over we'll definitely takes lots of these home and have them over the next couple of days. As a meal or a snack.

A Flower for Mother - My Almighty Queen
Happy Birthday!!!

We also celebrated my Almighty's Queen birthday last night. With a great vegetarian buffet at one of the hotels. Didn't manage to take any pictures of the food, we were all starving by the time there was a table available :P

We bought her a set of mother of pearl earrings with matching pendant. I hope she likes them :)
It occurred to me recently, while making a video slide show for her consisting of our family pictures that age is catching up with my Almighty Queen. It scares me! Serious!
It's hard not to notice both my kids are growing up everyday...FAST! But it slipped my mind that at the same time, everyone else grows as well.
Call me chicken! But it's a scary thought for me to see my very own parents getting old with age.

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eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday to the Almighty Queen!!

I see a few tiny age spots on my arms! yikes!!!!

Yen said...

Hi Elaine! Beautiful flower! And my Mom likes dumplings:) Happy BD to the Almighty Queen:)And me likey vegetarian buffet!

Have a great week ahead!

the teach said...

The dumplings sound delicious! We have dumplings here ordered from of Chinese Food store King"s Chef. Elaine, thank you so much for the indexer icon I will put it up on my sidebar. I guess you haven't gotten anything from BN yet - 21 days is the limit 3 weeks so we still have a little time before I go to them and complain! :D

Carver said...

Happy Birthday to your mother. The dumpling festival sounds great. I know what you mean about parents aging. That's a hard one. I hope you'll have your mother for a long, long time.

eastcoastlife said...

Glutinous rice dumplings are banned from my house for this festival. Jaymes has been told to avoid them. :)

genny said...

Thats a nice flower in there. Happy WS!

Juliana RW said...

happy birthday to ur mother...

Please visit mine also Thanks

picturing said...

ah...we called "bacang" (indonesia word). To bad, i can not find bacang in here....

My CC in here Thanks

Leonard said...

haha, i dun think i ate one dumpling yet!!

christine said...

we had the same feelings about our mothers.. when i went home years ago, i saw my mother's hands and realized.. she's getting old. i got scared, terribly scared.. :(

happy birthday to your queen! :)

girlie said...

happy birthday to your mom!

i love dumplings too, well I don't know how to do it either, we just go to this chinese restaurant and buy from them.

ScroochChronicles said...

I would love to be the one to devour all those dumplings for you..hehehe :D

That's a ginger flower, right? Lovely color :)


Emmyrose said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

Lovely shots :)

Emzkie said...

hi Elaine! you are so sweet, so thoughtful of you to your mom, thats a pretty flower. I thought Dragon Boat is on October? I surely miss eating dumplings in Taiwan.

Bela said...

happy bday to your mom..

mine is up. hope you can check it out.

Standing Tall

the donG said...

dumplings! dumplings! dumplings are my favorite! i never knew that there's actually a place celebrating for the purpose of eating dumplings.

hahaha... what a special day it will be for me.

Reflexes said...

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

love dumplings :D

tigerfish said...

Happy Duan Wu festival and happy b-day to your mom!

Heart of Rachel said...

I absolutely love dumplings!

Belated Happy Birthday to your mom.

Maya said...

i'm for the duplings too & this ginger red flower is beautifully taken.
It's ginger red, right?i hope, i didn't named it wrongly, we have this back home.
Great entry, wish you great day.

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