Jun 15, 2008

Weekend SnapShot #27

Weekend SnapShot

Happy Father's Day to all Dads out there!!!

We celebrated Father's Day at the country club's carnival 2008 in conjunction with the club's 20th anniversary. Entire place was filled with food stalls, games section, stage performances with bike stunts; magic show; fire-eating show, there were also face painting, caricature drawings.

Whole day was spent walking around every stall and participating in the games, game prizes were stuffs for the kids and gosh, my son really won lots of them!! :)

My father's day gift to the kids dad? I drove him around....................................... by BUGGY!! *LOL* At least it would shut him up by saying he's always the only one driving me everywhere.... *snickers*

That was probably the highlights of the day for both Almighty King and The Man been driven around the 10 hole golf course via buggy by our daughter and son!!! They both took turns driving the buggy around the golf course and it was indeed quite an experience for all of us! Imagine, buggy rides driven by 6 and 8 year olds!!! *no accident*

Here are some of the pictures of the stage shows

Earlier this morning, I also visited Katong Community Centre for their Family Carnival and Healthy Lifestyle Day.

Guess who I met there!??!?! Our famous EastCoastLife
I recognized her from her recent Friday 13th hairstyle :P
Sweet and nice lady together with her son Jaymes and hubby Christopher.
Here's wishing Christopher a Happy Father's Day!!!

My other Weekend Snapshot here a walk around Arab Street this week.

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eastcoastlife said...

hahaha.... you recognise me from my hairstyle not my pretty face!? Alamak!

So nice of you to stop by.

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Father's Day to your Almighty King and The Man.... and your Daddy readers! :)

Napaboaniya said...

Pretty and hip mama how to miss?!?! :P But still heng never go up to the salar person!! heehee..

Bengbeng said...

happy father's day to all yr readers too :)

the donG said...

happy father's day!!!

SandyCarlson said...

You had a nice time. These photos are extraordinary!

tigerfish said...

Looks all fun time!

p.s ...NO NO, you shd NOT tenderize beef with salt.

Carver said...

Looks like so much fun and cool that you got to meet ECL.

Juliana RW said...

wow..you had a great weekend.

Mine in here Thanks

picturing said...

It is very nice coincidence that you meet ECL :D

Visit mine also in here Thanks

Mar said...

It seems like so much fun!! plus meeting ECL, just great!

Ladynred said...

The pics looks interesting and fun!
That's great you have met the famous ECL!

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you had a wonderful Father's Day celebration. Sounds like a fun event filled with great activities. How nice that you were able to meet eastcoastlife there.

I'm still working on my WS but I'll be posting it in a while.

genny said...

Thats a nice entry happy WS!

Just Another Day said...

so you and eastcoast are neighbors ha? hehehe thats truly great! you should have a picture together. =) that looks like a great show, nothing like that in here.

abie said...

wow, sounds like one fun day...my daughter would have love the magic show...

mine is up. hope you can drop by.

Inside the Big Bubble

Moon Garden

Happy WS!

julie said...

Thanks for sharing your tiring but very fun day :) And to meet ECL is also great.

Have a good week, Ling :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

looks like that was fun...magic show!


Jeanne said...

happy father's day to all fathers

Leonard said...

looked like you had a happening Father's Day!

christine (strawberrygurl) said...

ECL's first comment is funny. :) i miss hearing 'alamak' too!

hope you're having a good week, elaine! :)

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