Jun 22, 2008

Weekend SnapShot #28

Weekend SnapShot

A trip to Little India,Singapore

Here, the heartland of the Indian community in Singapore is cacophony of colors, sounds and scents.
can find the spiritual interwoven with the material needs and practices of the people as well as shop for the unexpected an the unusual. You'll discover an array of Indian silks, brass-ware and bangles that will fascinate you.
Follow your nose to excellent restaurants in Little India serving North and South Indian cuisine. Witness living tradition when you visit one of the last-known Indian spice grinders and itinerant yogurt-sellers.
The possibilities are endless.

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eastcoastlife said...

What were you doing in Little India? Shopping or eating?

I love the colours of Little India but Sunday is too crowded. :P

eastcoastlife said...

First commentator!! Whee!!!

Yen said...

Looks like a nice place,Elaine! I was there a few years ago but forgot most of what's there already! haha

Btw, I might be in SG. Will let you know if it will be a go! :D Hope to meet you and ECL!


Napaboaniya said...

@ECL, didn't go today, went on Thurs. Went to Mustafa :P Weekdays not so crowded. Going there on a Sunday...*GULPZ*...
So when are we heading to Kangaroo hop?!? :P

@Yen, do inform me if you're coming to Singapore!! :)

sunshineforlife said...

hi elaine, thanks for sharing these pics. ya it looks like a shopping place bt i thought i could see indian women in saris. am not enjoying more little india tales on YM from a fiend who is now in singapore.

Picturing said...

hmmm...nice pics. Hope someday can visit singapore :D

Please visit me in here Thanks

Juliana RW said...

interest place to visit.

Mine in here and in here

Reflexes said...

yeah...love to go there to get good bargains, but i won't go there on Sunday's.

tigerfish said...

Been some time since we visited Little India. Yes, need to make it a point to avoid during weekends. :O

strawberrygUrl said...

i've been to mustafa only once and it was verrrry crowded! :(

Strawberrygurl: WS Doors
Marikit: WS Death of my Keyboard

Hope you drop by. Have a good week!

Kerslyn said...

Looks nice...for sure everybody would love shopping in there.

Girlie said...

i hope to visit Little India when we go there hopefully in July. That's what I missed when I went there in 2004

ScroochChronicles said...

Honestly, Little India is my fave shopping paradise in Singapore. I still have a stash of cotton blouses that I got there 3 years ago. And I love the Mustafa Centre!!


Leonard said...

when nights falls, thats when it turns to horror!!

the donG said...

it simply shows that there's a big community of indians there. not so much here in the philippines. we only have china towns.

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