Aug 18, 2008

Emu and Aussie

My son was yakking excitedly when I picked him up from school today.
A parent from his school brought an emu egg to school to showcase and teach them about the egg->life cycle.
He was going on and on till we got home.
Then it struck did that parent got hold of an emu's egg?!?!!?

Either she was a zoo keeper at the local zoo or she's has an emu at home as a pet *wonders*

Which at the same time reminds me that I've gotta bring the kids to the zoo soon. Been quite a while since we visited the zoological gardens.
The man will definitely give me the one word comment with the astonishment look of "Zoo?!??!"

Almighty Queen will definitely come along with me if I asked her to. But my lady of leisure the Almighty Queen will be on vacation to Melbourne for the next 10 days.........without me!!! *head.desk*
She'll be able to look at all the emus in Aussie while I'm here stuck listening to my son rave about an emu egg....................

There goes my lunch and dinner dates with her for the next 10 days :(

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Leonard said...

so did your boy still talk about and wanted an emu's egg too?

Bengbeng said...

i have to google for emu for benghui's benefit. there is no zoo in Sibu.

Napaboaniya said...

Don't give ideas to my boy hor!!!

Same here, I showed images of the emu from the internet to my kids :)

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