Aug 25, 2008

Monday DARK blues

I'm on the verge of going crazy!!!
My barely 2 month old notebook crashed the moment I switched it on this morning.
After a couple of hours of technical help from manufacturer's technical help.
There was only one solution - R.E.F.O.R.M.A.T

So, it's kwa kwa kwa.... reformatted and now I'm having the "JOY" of re-installing all programs I use.

Tell me to be happy cause I've got an almost "brand new" notebook after formatting or to cry having to reinstall every program I use!!!
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Napaboaniya APAD

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Leonard said...

what a way to start the week...

never mind, once all programs installed, you will enjoy the stealth speed of a new notebook!

Napaboaniya said...


I SOOOO wanna go long.piak now leh!!!

GMAC said...

congrats elaine on your "brand new" notebook. :-)

kidding aside thats the problem i usually encounter here at work where everybody else is looking for me. next time ill post in my office there is now a payment for every notebook. lolz.

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