Aug 11, 2008

Nitemare Day #2

It's not even 7pm currently, and I feel as if I'm ready for bed!!
It's the first day without my helper, kids didn't have to attend school due to some National Day vacation or something. Thank goodness for that I didn't have to wake up at 6am!

First chore I did? Laundry. I didn't have a choice, the laundry basket was screaming out to me while I brushed my teeth! Dumped all clothes into the machine, poured in the detergent and frantically couldn't find the softener!! That was screw up number #1 of the day.

Breakfast. My son as usual almost went into a fit realizing his breakfast wasn't laid out on the table. I quickly gave him the cake I bought for breakfast last nite.
Here comes screw up number #2, the cake was TASTELESS as acclaim by my son. *DUH* I thought I bought butter wasn't. It was really TASTELESS.

Lunch. Almighty King saved my ass when he came over and told the kids we're having Macdonald's for lunch. Off we went to buy Macdonalds. *relief*

Dinner. This is my screw up number #3. Fed the kids with packed dinner with The Man, adding fried sunny side ups with Spam meat. I'm feeling guilty.

I'm tired already, and did I mention? I did not even sweep or mop the floor today!!!
Tomorrow I'll be up at 6am........that is the MAJOR nitemare...

I'm counting down to the days my nitemare will end, unbelievable today's only the 1st day! 28 more freaking days to go.....
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the donG said...

thats certified NITEmare!

tigerfish said...

I hate to do household chores and I hate to do washing! :O

david mcmahon said...

Things can only get better!

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