Aug 14, 2008

Nitemare Day #5

*updated @ 9:44am 15 Aug*

*chants* I shall QUIT C.O.M.P.L.A.I.N.I.N.G......... *hurries back to the laundry*

Gadget by

Counting down to the day helper returns

Phone conversation :

My daughter : Auntie, I miss you
Helper : I miss you too
My daughter : Auntie what are you doing?
Helper : Nothing.
Me : Nothing??!?!? Than come back NOW!!!
Helper : Hahahhahaaa
Me : *Head.Desk*

Why did my helper laugh? Funny? How come I don't find it the least hilarious to me?
I'm not even sure to be proud of myself or to cry buckets. Been 5 days already, so far I've fed the kids without fail at every meal. No major damage to the house......YET!
Swept the floor for the first time in 5 days. Still not mopping the floor and waiting for The Man to do that. Washed the laundry, but there's a mountain of un-ironed clothes in the laundry room staring at me!
I'm missing the days that clothes are promptly returned to my closet after being washed, ironed and hung up waiting for me to grab and change into them. It's currently, choose the clothes I wanna wear carefully! Best, to choose those that require no ironing at all!

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AO said...

So you are the official 阿四 now?

Napaboaniya said...


yes sir, 阿四 at ur service. you want kopi,teh or me?

eastcoastlife said...

hahahaha..... I want teh si, not so sweet, use Boh tea leaves... and must be Carnation Evaporated Milk ah. While you're boiling water, might as well give me two half boiled eggs.

Oh, and two slices of kaya toasts please. :P

*ECL wants to die faster!!*

the teach said...

Elaine, let me clear up a few things for you... Here in the US only a few of us have what they call live-in nannies who take care of the kids only. Only a VERY few have live in housekeepers who do the wash, clean the windows (you have to be a millionaire to have someone live in AND do the windows), mop the floors. A lot of us have a cleaning service like Merry Maids to come in at varying intervals to clean house. They don't take care of everything (no windows again). Most of us get our own meals for kids and husband, shop for groceries and pick up after sloppy husbands and kids. Unless of course you are very, very rich you are one lucky girl (eastcoastlife too!). I think I'll post this comment over at ECL's blog too! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Don't complain so much lah.... tio meh liao. :P

the teach said...

Elaine, ECL has posted a comment at her blog and at mine regarding helpers... :)

kiky f said...

very tiring days, huh...

Napaboaniya said...


I'm NOT rich, families in Singapore have live-in helpers so to help with household chores and taking care of child wards while both parents are at work mostly....*back to the laundry* :P

Napaboaniya said...


You want 2 slices of kaya toasts to go with your teh-si and 2 hard boil eggs? nearby our house got Killiney Kopi... muahahhaha

ya lor I better quit complaining later tio chrome again :P

Leonard said...

Luckily I need not worry of all these at the moment.. :P

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