I think there's a misconception here about domestic helpers in Singapore. A friend mistaken that I was a very rich lady having live-in helper. Maybe this would clarify the situations regarding domestic helpers.

For starters, I'm not rich. Not even close to it at all :P I would quit soaking myself in chlorine filled pools for a couple of hours each day if then *head.desk* hahhahaaa....

Families with domestic helpers in Singapore are normally those with kids or elderly persons at home to help tend after them as well as household chores.
These domestic helpers are mainly from Indonesia,Philippines, Sri Lanka and a small minority from Myanmar or Thailand.
They are the ladies that leave their family back home, travel out of their country to work hard and help fund their families. Salute them!!

I admit, I've been pretty whiny about my helper not being around. I admit as well, that I was being difficult. It's not the first time my helper has been away for 1 month vacations. I've survived all of those periods. Whining here and there, yes. But not till the extend I would end my life journey simply without having a helper.

It's a case of "taken for granted". I've taken for granted all times when my floor were swept and mopped timely, meals cooked and served promptly and freshly washed and ironed clothes hanging neatly.

My helper we all love at home, she's a wonderful lady that has been with our family for the past almost 15 years. She's no longer a helper, but a family member to us.
Would you feel lost if suddenly your family member is not around in the mornings when you wake up? Well, my kids, me and all at home felt that way.

I'm very blessed to have my current helper with me for the past 15 years.We all get along very well in the house and she has been an amazing help to all of us. She's almost mom to both my kids, whom cry buckets whenever she walks through the immigration doors at the departure hall in the airport. She loves both my kids whom I know would greatly defend my kids in times of 'danger'. She took great care of my aging nanny during times when her body was falling apart, changing soiled diapers, feeding and all that most people would find too gross to do. She cried no less than us when my nanny passed away. She whom cried brokenheartedly when my grandmother passed away in Australia, she whom waited with sadness at the airport when we returned with what was only left of ashes of my grandmother. She whom helps us sort our monthly bills and letters accordingly ensuring us that we'll pay all bills on time. She whom, screams at other kids that bully mine...and much more

Yes, we practically dump all the household chores to her. Ill-treat her NO. Spoil her YES. Our beloved helper with designer clothes, a chic mobile phone that's even better than mine, a bedroom with a queen sized bed, LCD TV, a DVD/VCR player and on no restrictions of going out anytime of the day.

Ever seen a maid that yells at the employer to open the door herself? Ever seen a helper that sarcastically criticized the employer's friend condo's pool as "SO TINY!"? Ever seen a helper that yells back "Wait!!!" when you ask her to get something done? Ever seen a helper that has access to our home safe-box? Ever seen a helper that dresses up better off than her employer, who is often mistaken as the helper instead?

If any of the answer to the above question is 'No', feel free to drop by my house.....
kindly excuse me now while I go tend to that huge pile of laundry now :P

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eastcoastlife said...

Thank God for sending me my helpers although some are not perfect but they really help me a lot!

I'm sad these days because my current helper will be returning to Indonesia next month.

For the past 3 years, she has been like a good sister to me.... helping to take care of my house and my kids. The kids adore her.

I'm sad to see her go but she's going back to take care of her elderly parents and also trying to get married.

I wish all the helpers would make good use of their hard-earned money to give themselves or their kids or siblings a good education and try to get out of the poverty cycle.

For kaya toast and teh-si, go to Old Town White Coffee better lah. Next week I free. :P

Napaboaniya said...


Same here, thank god for this great helper I've got. I've had nitemare helper when I was a young kid.
She used that dough roller to threaten me to swallow my food QUICK! Luckily my mom saw and sent her packing immediately.

I will cry buckets when the time comes when my helper leaves for good. Her son has been bugging her to quit working here and return back to Indonesia.

Will hate to see mine leave for good, yet can't separate the mother and son pair for too many years.

So it's re-training for a new helper starting next month for you? *Wipes.sweat* 祝你好运!hor :P

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