Aug 31, 2008

Weekend SnapShot #38

Weekend SnapShot

It's Teacher's Day - 1st Sept.
Gifts from my students.
Here's also wishing all teachers a Happy Teacher's Day!!!
Note: I'm not an academic teacher.I'm a swim coach/instructor.
After finishing on my money origami last week. Came the day of my grandmother's death anniversary. On this day, we offered her favourite dishes at the alter, bought paper jewellery,clothes,her favourite game set-mahjong, handbags and some cosmetics.
After prayers, we carried on to burn all those offerings to her.
Pictures at :
top left -
Paper Mahjong set
top right -
Paper clothings
center -
Ancestor Tablet
bottom left -
Paper money and fruits
bottom right -
Favourite food dishes

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eastcoastlife said...

Happy Teachers' Day, coach!! :D

Your grandma opening casino 'downstairs' ah! I intro my grandparents so they can play together. :P

Yen said...

Lots of food! Do you invite lots of people around or only those close friends? In the Philippines, we usually invite friends to have dinner with us..Reminds me that next month is my Grandpa's death anniversary..:(

Looks like a fun weekend,Elaine!

OneLuvGurl said...

Hey sweetie! I've been offline (my mind, my life, my blog) for a while but I am back and I got a new blog! My new domain is I got rid of my old one @ Glad you are doing great and looking forward to seeing more of you!


Carver said...

Happy Teacher's day!

Your preparations for ancestor's day look so well done. It's been interesting to me to learn about this custom on your blog.

Kero said...

Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you for sharing about your traditions. It's been very interesting. come visit my entry here

arlene/sunshinelene said...

happy teachers day, Elaine! ur students are so thoughtful. it reminds me of my chinese students. :)

Natalie said...

I've never heard of teacher's day. How cool!

I've been taking time off from WS, but I'm back this week. :)

momie milette said...

even if your not a teacher, but you teach by coaching. happy teachers day.

i hope you can visit my ws entry here. thanks.

tigerfish said...

happy teachers' day! where do you teach swimming btw?

ellen said...

Happy teachers day...i really had fun with your pctures this week I realy missed school.I am also a former teacher

cookie said...

Happy Teacher's Day!!

Those are very interesting traditions. I'm actually quite familiar with some of them since I have a number of Chinese friends.

Anu said...

Happy Teacher's Day.
It's interesting to know about your traditions and customs.
My weekend

Leonard said...

Happy Teacher's Day!

can i borrow your mega zoom camera for my concert? pleeeaseeee...

Leonard said...

btw, it's my song in imeem...haha

SandyCarlson said...

Happy teachers' day to you! What a lovely celebration.

yvelle said...

so cute.. happy teachers day!

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Teacher's Day!

That's a very interesting tradition. I think it's remarkable how you honor people you love who have already passed away.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of teacher day. But i dont have and teachers in my life.

Thats an interesting way to remember your loved ones.

Jeanne said...

have a happy teacher day

My WS Entry is HERE

revo 2038 said...

I have a friend that lives in China and every time we talk, she mention all this customs and tradition, so i'm very familiar with them.

Mac from Motorcycle Fairing said...

Some of the traditions are very similar from country to country, and is interesting to know how people celebrate or practice those customes. Nice!!

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