Nov 2, 2008

Weekend SnapShot #47

Weekend SnapShot
Jacob Ballas Children Garden,Singapore.

Be warned, adults are only allowed inside with children accompanying.

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is Asia's first children's garden. Dedicated to all children of Singapore, it is designed to provide unique discovery and learning experiences in a garden setting.

Calabash TreeBeware of Falling ObjectsCalabash Fruit

These Calabash fruits were huge and hugging on the tree branch.
They look almost like coconuts to me! But interesting they're made into musical instruments :)

Huge Tree HouseCrossing the tree log
(left)What's a children garden without a huge tree house with 2 huge slides....Weeee!!!
(right)Crossing the small stream with a huge tree log.

Water PlayScience
(left)Kids playing with the water play area.
(right)Water droplets sprinkler

Kidz Cafe
Rest and relax at the Kidz Cafe after touring the place with a cool coke!!

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tigerfish said...

Thanks for the info. Going to inform my SIL abt this so that they can bring my nephew and niece there :)

Yen said...

Looks like a fun weekend with the kids! No trick or treating the other day? :)

ellen said...

happy hunting! thanks for sharing beautiful photos....

EastCoastLife said...

I heard about it but have yet to go because the younger kids don't like to be in the sun. Lousy excuse. -_-'"

Carver said...

That's a great garden for children. If I lived there I'd definitely borrow a child to take me since mine is grown up. Sounds like such fun.

Heart of Rachel said...

Looks like a fun place for kids and families.

Kero said...

lovely and fun place! i would really love to visit Singapore next vacay. Thank you for sharing. it's good kids have interesting places to go like this. my WS entry is here

Ibyang Sanchez said...

that's indeed a great place for kids. :)

Jama said...

i've been there once, since my kids are already grownup I have to tag along with friends who have younger kids otherwise no entry for me!

Shinade said...

Oh my this looks like a really fun place. And the tree with the fruit is really interesting!!

And what type tree or plant is that in the next to the last picture?

It is very interesting also!!

As always I love seeing your fantastic pictures!!

Happy SW:-)))

Fickleminded said...

looks like a fun-filled weekend.

Juliana RW said...

What fun weekend... Hope to visit Singapore someday :D

My WS entry this week : in HERE and HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

this is a great place! i am sure gonna visit this if i am at singapore with my niece. thanks for sharing! :)


jaejae said...

that sure looks fun! if there's a weekend get-away for me, i always want it something fun with the kids.

Jeanne said...

looks like fun place to visit

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