Sep 23, 2007

A-Z of Napaboaniya

Achievements - I'm still alive despite all that happened
Body - Look kinda like a tek-ko (skinny)
Color - White,Red,Black
Dream - Work as an ice cream taster
Elaine - Formal Identity.No choice, my folks like that name
Food - I live to eat not eat to live
God - Worship the Sleeping/Thunder God most often
Heart - Still in working condition
Internet - Since 1997,fwah! 1 decade has passed...
Judgement - For me to know for you to find out
Klutze - Sotong Queen mode mostly switched on..
Languages - English,Chinese,Cantonese,Hokkien,Malayu,Korean,Singlish
Music - Without music, I rather be deaf
Number - What number? 4D number?
Optimism - What dun kill me makes me stronger
Pet - A dog,although at times I suspect she's a cat
Question - Always asking tons of questions, Dunno must ask mah!
Religion - Lan-Jiao Worshipper. Lan Duo(lazy) & Shui Jiao(sleep) Worshipper lar! What's ur dirty brain thinking of?!??!
Swim - Born a swimmer, Live a swimmer, Die a swimmer
Taboos - Hate been yelled at in the mornings
University - FuJian U. No Idea? too bad...
Vegetables - Sea cucumber.... vegetable or not?
Wish - Get Answers
X-File - Even pictures of snakes make my legs turn jelly
You - Who is kaypo enough to read untill here
Zodiac Sign - Taurus, try argueing with me to test the bullness in me

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