Oct 7, 2007

Impulse purchase

Shopping while you're pissed is a bad choice. We rushed to the mall before it closed last night to grab a new dvd player. I could have watched it in the living room last night actually. But I didn't want spent the entire night on the sofa without the comfort of the a/c monster and lastly mr nice guy will hit the roof if I asked him to un-tangle the 101 wires compromising of so many gadgets in the living room just to shift the dvd into the bedroom. Come to think of it, I should have made him pay for the new dvd player!!! *hrmpf*

Entire night my gal was whining in her sleep feeling the discomfort of a migraine. She's only 6+!! At first when she complained of a headache and cried I was skeptical. But was later told that even my niece suffers from it and will cry too.My niece is only 10. Talk about stress of kids in Singapore. *roll.eyes*

We're visiting both the queens of our family today. Lunch with my mom, dinner at mr nice guy mom's. That should keep my clouded mind occupied the full day.

Today I'll finally get to pig out on the zhu jiao chu (pig trotters in vinegar)!!! 2 more weeks will be my youngest niece full month celebration. I still dunno what's her name.*roll.eyes*

I hope they will be throwing a party. I need all the joy currently to ease me out of the blues I'm feeling recently.

Napaboaniya should start getting ready to get her ass outta the house if she doesn't want risk falling over her queen's toes for being late.

Here's a funny picture.... no mp3 player? Not a very BIG problem....

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