you've made plans to simply hibernate your saturday night away under covers with a drama show laden with all sorts of junk food. Your farked up dvd player decided to go on strike!!!!
Nabeyz!!!!!!! I'm on the verge of slamming the damn player into the trashbin, if mr nice guy isn't still holding on to it for the past 1 hour trying to fix it!
I've got 1/2 a working brain left to rush to the mall now to grab a new one, if my gal isn't sick in bed now.

How bad can one weekend be? My gal suddenly came down with fever and crying saying her head hurts, we finally managed to soothe her down and and she's finally asleep. My boy is in his talkative mode. Driving everyone (as well as the dog) insane. What a freaking saturday!!!!

That player still isn't working!!!!!!!!! Wtf!! It keeps saying "no disc"...................

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