Oct 14, 2007

Skin Elixir Please

I've been breaking out badly the past 2 weeks!!! It's getting worst on my face. I did not change my normal cleanser or anything!! Wth!! soooo old liow den got acne problem... arghz!!! I've got itchy fingers, knowing it's bad to squeeze/poke, I still do it! Serves me right that there are scars now.

They're throwing the full month celebration for Han Yin next Sunday. Wah, almost 1 month already... and I'm not even half way towards recovery ZzZzzZzzzZ
20th Day.

Was having dinner, suddenly a voice was heard talking. I freaked out thinking why there's a stranger in the house!! Turned out, my nephew had actually "broke" his voice. Apparently everyone in the house had the same reaction as me. That poor boy was blushing tomatoes with everyone teasing him being a "young man" already... He's 14...... *gulpz*
Time dun fly, time zoom past you, knock you with a few slams, next thing you know, you'll be going through menopause.

Listening to : Fuck You Anyway - Archive
Feeling : Light and Hyper

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