Always must win (typical kiasu Singaporean)
Borrow but never return (NLB chasing after Fines)
Cheap is good (cheap also spoil easily)
Don't trust anyone (siao eh! trust and get yourself hurt)
Everything also must grab! (we made headlines with the Hello Kitty Fresco didn't we?)
Free! Free! Free! (spot a long Q? confirm got freebies)
Grab first talk later (spot these kiasus at any Sales)
Help yourself to everything (takes only 1 second to spot Singaporeans at buffet spreads)
I first, I want, I everything (So many Hubs sprouting around Singapore)
Jump queue (time means moolar)
Keep coming back for more (taking food samples at supermart just to gain a free meal)
Look for discount (walk further down the road, $0.10 cheaper there)
Must not lose face (Singaporeans pride/ego very expensive)
Never mind what they think (display of Singaporeans bor-chup attitude)
Outdo everyone you know (why never outdo the rest of the world at Olympics arh?)
Pay only when necessary (splitting of bills at dinner seems a taboo to most)
Quit while you are ahead (dun waste time)
Rushing and pushing wins the race (spot this at bus-stops or mrt platforms w/o fail)
Sample are always welcome (samples are free mah..dun take???)
Take but don't give (will lost a piece of flesh to give)
Unless it's free forget it (why pay when can get it for FREE?)
Vow to be number one (you're a loser if you're number 2)
Winner takes it ALL! ALL! ALL! (split the toto first price also buay song)
Yell if necessary to get what you want (Singaporeans have very good vocal cords)
Zebras are kiasu because they want to be both black and white at the same time (zebras should replace our Merlion)

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