Nov 15, 2007

7 Candles

DD turns 7 today. She went to school at 8am and at 3pm I recieved a call from school asking me to fetch dd from the general office cause she's sick!!! Panic attacked!!!! Back home now, she quiet like an angel in bed. She told me her classmates liked those goodie bags :) Heng arh!!!!
We bought live crabs planning to cook up a feast for her tonite. But upon seeing her like this..... sighz.. I dun think she'll have much of an appetite. I hope she'll feel better after some rest. Opening up her presents should be able to put a big smile on her face later tonite ;)
7 years in a flash, was browsing some of her old photos and it's a wake up call that she's really growing!!! From a chubby baby that wore her cute jumpsuits to the girl that is now able to wear some of my tank-tops!!!!!

DS's principal and form teacher praised him for his good work and conduct in classes. He even got his art work chosen from the entire eastern district competition. It got published in Young Families magazine!!! I'm so proud of that boy!!!!!! DS is also excited over his year end party held tomorrow morning at school. But I hope he doesn't get too upset knowing he'll be joining a new class next year. *Gulpz*

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