Nov 14, 2007

Day before

The entire day I spent in between, doing the accounts, fetching ds to school, packing her goodie bags, running around a couple of shopping malls shopping for dd's birthday. She's so excited over her birthday tomorrow!!! Plus her teacher's gonna bring her to some play in the morning. She's gotta report in school at 8am. We decided to bring her for Macdonald's breakfast at 7am and drop her off school. We'll only get to see her after school at 7pm *sigh*
Gulpz..... almost the entire day tomorrow she'll not be around.
She's turning 7 !!!!!!!! Seems like it was just yesterday that she started walking and talking. Now she runs and screams!!!! I'm getting old.......zzzz

51 Day.
Listening to : Sum Fu Kup - Raymond Lam
Feeling : Happy but tired

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