I would grab L and kiss her now if she was right here with me! I woke up with the usual dose of Monday blues laden with cough and a bad migraine. Her message via MSN got me jumping up and clicking my heels!

We're heading for the Formula Drift Singapore Show this April!! Highlights will be watching Ivan Lim one of Singapore's top growing drifter.
Best of all, it's a rain or shine event!!

69 wordsSpeedtest
I got tagged by Kiky of Me and my writings.
It's pretty fun finding out how many words one can actually type in a minute.
I'll pass this tag along to any others that are interested :)

Rachel of Heart of Rachel awarded me with this cool 5 Stars Blog award.

Award from HeartofRachel

I'm sharing this 5 Star Award to the following blogs that I'm of great interest.
Ellen, Yen, Marla, Trinity, April, TeacherJulie, MaryT, Barb, Kiky

11 Divulge:

Yen said...

You are spoiling me with those blushing awards,sweetie! hehe:) Thank you! You deserve it! :D

GreenBucks said...

Thank you very much. This is very much appreciated.

We love car races. My 6yo son loves Need for Speed games as well as Initial D. Hubby is a fan of F1. We used to go to car shows, slaloms, drag racing and drifting events. Were you able to watch Russ Swift do stunts in his cars when he went to Singapore?

OneLuvGurl said...

Thanks so much! You totally deserve it, too! The hubby loves auto racing, especially Formula 1. I'm gonna tell him about the drifting one though!

Yen said...

Hey Elaine! I have a tag for you:)

ellenheartbeats said...

oh! thank you so much for the award...I really appreciate ur kindness...I felt good right now!muahh!

Trinity said...

Elaine, thank you very much... it's such an honor!

Skittles said...

Wow.. I'm truly honored!!! Thank you, thank you!

I got 35 wpm on the typing test. :)

the teach said...

Oh Ling, you treat me too well! Thank you very very much for the award! I'm so appreciative! :D I'm going to blog about it!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's wonderful. Hope you have a fabulous time.

shuhow said...

I am confuse why comments here about awards>?Isn't it about Formula drifting SG here?haha
I would love to watch the game ,and about Ivan Lim?my gosh,i am so out-dated,no idea about him,gotto search more about him.
Oh yea,hope to see my nick added in your blogroll,hehe,,,

Marla said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the award!

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