Feb 26, 2008

Singapore Newest Bet

I just found out that there's any reason why GP 2008 season will be even more exciting for Singaporeans!! Most Singaporeans are aware of 4D,ToTo,Big Sweep, Soccer Bets. Here's a new edition - Singapore Pools Motor Racing!!!!! *Another reason, for anti-gamblers to curse*

So I read from their website. There's 11 confirmed types of motor bets and another 6 unconfirmed types of motor betting.
I've always enjoyed the Grand Prix and self predicting the championship winner.
This whole new motor racing betting system seems exciting.
I should have expected it somehow, if there's a way to make money. Our Government would definitely have a slice of it's profit cake!
There are illegal bookies for soccer,4D,Toto bets! I wonder if there will be illegal bookie dealing with Motor Racing bets?!?!?! But that's the police department's worry I guess.

As for me, just like the occasion try in luck on 4D, I'll have a try at the Motor Racing bets......it's LEGAL!

For more information on it. Read here.

I can't wait for the Melbourne Grand Prix next month. My spirits getting high.

Striking the days off my calendar faithfully :P

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ad said...

haha, singapore is being creative on the betting system now! is it legal?

napaboaniya said...

@ ad,

Yes it is legal. Bets are made through Singapore Pools www.singaporepools.com.sg

ellenheartbeats said...

hello there napaboaniya...really can't wait for that time huh...you rather share with us more photos of that formula drift...promise?

napaboaniya said...

@ ellen,

I will snap as many pictures as I can at the Formula Drift show :)

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